Dr. Surendra jung Basnet

Sr. plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon

Surendra Jung Basnet  was educated and trained in China in the field of Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, burn surgery, reconstructive surgery as well as microsurgery. He also had participated in various training as well as programs all over the world in these fields. He has collective experience of more than decade in these fields and have more than 10 publications under his name.

He then utilized his knowledge and experience in mentoring newer generation of plastic and cosmetic surgeons, he also have played a vital role in establishing and standardizing the burn management care in Nepal and in standardizing as well as increasing the bar of cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery in Nepal.

His diligence and utmost respect in the field of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery have been more and more evident in recent times in Nepal with many of the surgery performed for first time in Nepal, which has not only motivated newer generation of plastic and cosmetic surgeons to perform in utmost disciplined method but also have raised the bar and expectations from patients in Nepal.

He have been dedicated in different charities as well as NGO’s to uplift the lives and health of Nepalese. He also have been involved in different international aids and society for the congenital deformity and burns which in turn have uplifted the Nepalese health sector.